Colored Gemstones

Colored Gemstones

Like flowers, colored gemstones come in every hue, tone and saturation. Both are born of nature and evolve into something exquisite. But, unlike flowers whose beauty fades with time, the beauty of colored gemstones is everlasting. Gathered from all corners of the world, every colored gemstone is a unique creation that brings with it a rich history that blends the mystery of nature with the skill of man.

This area of our website has been designed to introduce you to the exciting world of colored gemstones. Selecting a colored gemstone can be the start of the process in creating a one of a kind superb timeless piece of jewelry. Stop in our jewelry studio in Williamsville, NY to discover our collection of fascinating and exotic gemstones, which you may never have seen!

What Should I Know?

How can I judge the value and quality of a gemstone?
Simply put, the type of gemstone and color you select should be the one you like the most, the one that will give you the most pleasure to wear. However, colored gemstones are judged by their beauty and rarity. The same “four Cs” that establish quality in Diamond are used for colored gemstones: cut, carat weight, clarity and most importantly, color.

  • Color: The more pure and vivid the color, the more valuable the gemstone.
  • Cut: All gemstones must be cut well to attain their maximum potential for beauty. Quality cutting is what produces the brilliance and scintillation that captures the eye of the beholder.
  • Clarity: Gemstones contain characteristic inclusions that provide proof of their natural origin. Those inclusions should not be so visible that they detract from the beauty of the gemstone.
  • Carat Weight: Obviously, larger gemstones are rarer. However, some gemstones, such as Amethyst and Tourmaline, routinely occur in very large sizes while others, such as Ruby and Sapphire, rarely occur in sizes above 2 to 3 carats.

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