Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands


The wedding ring is the most recognized symbol of the unification of a man and woman in marriage. This symbol can be traced way back in time originating from North Africa among the ancient Egyptian civilization. They would twist and braid pieces of nature, such as leaves and bushes, and wrap them around fingers like rings or wrists as bracelets.They wore it on the third finger of the left hand because they believed that a vein in that particular finger traveled directly to the heart. This legend was then passed onto the Greeks and the Romans.Back then, hemp was usually the first choice of material for the wedding ring, but this material usually only lasted about a year. Those who desired a longer lasting material opted for leather, bone or ivory.In modern times we use precious metals such as gold or platinum as a symbol of marriage.


The ring is circular, a symbol of eternity. The circle is a shape that was worshiped by Egyptians and many other ancient cultures in the form of the sun and the moon. The space inside the circle is not just empty—it represents a doorway leading towards the unknown future.The ring started to be associated with love, in the hope that love itself could become like the circle and live on for an eternity.


Most religious marriage ceremonies accept any material for the wedding band. Jewelers typically use a precious alloy of fine gold, combined with copper,silver,aluminum and zinc to make the specific color metal of your choice. In addition Platinum offers an everlasting metal to represent the symbol of love. Love and marriage are a commitment so choosing a precious metal that will last a lifetime is an important decision. Be leery of alternative metals such as titanium , tungsten and cobalt. Keep in mind that gold and platinum rings are available in all different sizes, thicknesses and weights to suit your budget.


A plain gold band is the most popular wedding band. It is commonly worn by medical personnel because it can be kept very clean. Women typically wear narrow rings, while men wear broader rings. Some couples decide to design their own wedding bands. Here at Frederic Owen we specialize in creating custom one of a kind wedding bands that will last a lifetime. Whether its incorporating symbolism or a family heirloom feel the possibilities are endless. We want to know that you can proudly adorn your custom made band created, designed and fabricated here at Frederic Owen. We strive to make the process of selecting the style and designs an exciting element of your wedding plans. If you do not see it we can create it …. if you dream it, we can make that dream become a reality.

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